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EL Wire 3m Kits With 2XAA Pocket inverter

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Price: R 270.25
1 Year Warranty



EL wire's construction consists of five major components. First is a solid-copper wire core, coated with phosphor. A very fine wire or pair of wires is spiral-wound around the phosphor-coated copper core and then the outer ITO conductive coating is evaporated on. This fine wire is electrically isolated from the copper core. Surrounding this "sandwich" of copper core, phosphor, and fine copper wire is a clear PVC sleeve. Finally, surrounding this thin, clear PVC sleeve is another clear, colored translucent, or fluorescent PVC sleeve.

  • Can be bent, paste or hang up, can be made into any shape and length so it is very easy and convenient to install and use.

  • Low power consumption (cold light, 97% electricity converted into light, no heat loss), no UV, soft light, environmental friendly materials.

  • The light radiation at night is extremely bright, eye-catching.

  • Ultrathin, lightweight, easy to use for production and construction of everything.

  • Colour: Aqua, Blue, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White or Yellow

  • Operating Voltage: 20 ~ 220V
  • Optimum Operating Voltage: 120V 

  • Operating Frequency: 50 ~ 5000Hz  

  • Optimum Operating Frequency :1500-2000Hz 

  • Static Capacitance: 6nf / m (20 ° C, the RH <80%) 

  • Brightness: (at 120V, 200Hz ~ 2000Hz) 30cd/m2 ~ 126 cd/m2 

  • Power: (at 120V, 200Hz ~ 2000Hz)108mw / m ~ 1032mw / m 

  • Light life: (at 100V, 400Hz) normal temperature and humidity, approximately 8000 hours 

  • Operating Temperature / Humidity: -10 ° C  ~ +60° C; RH <90% 

  • Storage Temperature / Humidity: -10 ° C  ~ +60 ° C; RH <65% 

  • Thickness: 3.2mm