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Osram T8 4 foot (1200mm), 16W Tube Light

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12 Months Warranty



Power (watts): 16w

Light output (lumens): 1600 lm

Expected Life (hours): 15000 Hrs

Colour temperature (CCT): 4000 Cool White or 6500k Daylight

Colour rendering index (Ra): 80

Beam angle (degrees): 210°

Operating voltage:220-240

Power Factor: > 0.5

Lamp cap: T8 (G13)

Driver: EM

Dimms: 1212.5mm pin to pin, 25.5mm width, 193 grams  

  • Quick, simple and safe replacement for traditional T-8 Fluorescent tube.
  • 50% of energy consumption lower than traditional fluorescent
  • Lower maintenance cost thanks to 2-3 times longer lifetime than traditional Fluorescent.
  • Suitable for operation at low temperatures: Ambient temperature: -20 … 45°C
  • LED alternative to classic T8 fluorescent lamps in CCG luminaires
  • Lifetime up to 15,000hrs (L70/B50)
  • Ra>80, perfectly restoring original colour of object; high colour homogeneity
  • Instant 100% light without flickering
  • RoHS conformity, No mercury
  • Available CCT: 6500K/4000K/3000K
  • Available Length: 2FT (0.6m) / 4FT (1.2m) / 5FT (1.5m)
  • Base: G13, the same base type as traditional FL. Comply with IEC requirement, fitting into

  T-8 conventional luminaire perfectly.

  • Type of protection: IP20 

Further Notes: 

> The SubstiTUBE® Tube must be handled with care, and do not operate the product that in a damaged condition.

> When operating with CCG (magnetic ballast), SubstiTUBE® Starter has to be inserted to replace

the conventional fluorescent lamp starter. If the conventional starter is not replaced, the

SubstiTUBE® Tube will start blinking and be damaged!

> Do not use SubstiTUBE® Tube in luminaires which do not have any conventional starter

or whereby the conventional starter cannot be replaced. Otherwise, rewiring is needed.

> Not suitable for luminaires with serial lamp connection i.e. more than one tube at one magnetic


> The SubstiTUBE® Tube emits light at limited angle, unlike conventional fluorescent tube

in 360°Omni direction.

> Due to the light distribution characteristic of the SubstiTUBE® Tube the resulting luminaires light

characteristic is likely to change. It is not guaranteed that e.g. standards for lighting at working

places will be complied with after replacement. A photometric check of the installation is highly


> The effective energy savings depend on the efficiency of the luminaire setup to be replaced and

should be considered individually in each case. Particularly magnetic ballast losses are reduced

to ohmic losses and are normally only about 1W.

> The SubstiTUBE® Tube is protected according to IP20. Applications with external risk of

moisture and dust can be served with an adequately protected luminaire.

> SubstiTUBE® products differ in their diameters and geometries from fluorescent lamps. Their

use in open batten luminaires with gaskets is possible if no excessive force is expended during

the fixing. Obtaining the necessary IP protection in open batten luminaires with gaskets cannot

be ensured.

> SubstiTUBE® Tube may also be driven directly on line voltage. In order to grant a safe operation

mode please refer to the installation instructions for further information.

> Photobiological Safety of lamps and lamp systems according to IEC 62471. Risk Group: Exempt