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20W 3300 Lumen 100-50 Sensor Flood Light

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3 Years Warranty



Our integrated flood light with motion sensor systems are ideal for lighting general areas which require wide angle lighting.

The light will only be at 100% power when activated by the motion sensor, as the kit is designed to save battery power by running at a low power output unless activated by motion. Thus the kit is able to utilize a smaller battery pack than on the all night lights, thereby making this a more cost effective option.
The two versions available are a 100%/30% or 100%/50% option. The 100% is on for a period of 30 seconds after activation, then reduces to either 30% or 50%, depending on the option chosen. 
This light is ideal for carpark areas or security areas where you don’t have to have permanently high output lights. Option here is the 50% option (if 30% option is prefered email us).
Traditionally, the problem with All-in-One lights has always been that the solar panel and light are built into the same structure, making it difficult to aim the light and get the maximum solar power on the panel, resulting in batteries not charging sufficiently.
In this version, the panel can be rotated to the correct angle with the sun, and the luminaire can be swivelled on the horizontal plane as well as the vertical plane, making it a completely practical and functional integrated light ensuring you can aim the panel to the sun and have the light shining on the desired surface area.
It uses Philips LumiLeds, which have a high lumen output of over 165 lumen per watt. All of the batteries are lithium-ion, with a three year warranty and a possible lifespan of up to 6 years.


The sensor is able to detect humans from as far away as 8m up on a pole with a lateral detection zone of 60-°, which covers an area on the ground of about 40m².

All metal used in our products is either galvanized steel or aluminium in order to protect against corrosion. The steel is powder coated with a UV resistant epoxy.


Lumen: 3300 on 100%

Light Colour Temp: 4000K “neutral white”

Beam angles: 150 degrees left-right, 50 degrees top-bottom

Power: 20W

IP Rating: IP65

For Pole 90mm

Lithium-Ion Battery:

Amp Hours: 16Ah

Watt Hours: 237

Cycles: >2000

Solar Panel & Controller:

Panel Wattage: 50W

PWM Controller program: 100% activated motion sensor for 30 secs, 50% normal

Controller Sensor: IR Motion sensor

Operating Temp: -10 to +45 deg C