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T5 Open Channel 4ft Double with Reflector - 56W

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1 Year Warranty



Type:  T5 Open Channel 4 foot Double with Reflector

Lamp Power: 2 x 28W

Total Power: 56W

Lumens:  5300lm

DONT USE in SERIES (Connect in Parallel)

Working Height: Optimal configuration up to 3M

Work Angle:  180 degrees

Lifespan: Tubes – 20 000 hrs, Ballast 30 000 hrs

CRI:  >80

Colour Temp: 6500K (cool white)

Voltage: AC220 ~ 250V / 60 Hz

IP Rating: IP65

Material: Extruded Aluminium, mirror reflector

Dimensions: 1170 x 81 x 48 mm

Certs: CE, IEC, RoHS

Installation: Direct connection to 220V power. Includes accessories for mounting.

Warranty: 2 - year manufacturing warranty on ballast, 1 year on tubes. Installation to be done by qualified electrician for the warranty to be effective. DONT USE in SERIES (Connect in Parallel).

The Econolight integrated T5 fixture is unique in that an extruded aluminium profile is used as a base with a built in reflector. This allows the system to be pre-assembled requiring only the lamps to be inserted and plugged in. Furthermore, the profile allows superior protection of the mirror which prevents damage over the life of use as well as being anti-corrosive aluminium. The reflector design also allows total utilisation of the T5 lamp power meaning 4ft T5 lamps can replace traditional 5ft T8 lamps without with loss in lux levels!

The high power factor ballast is built into the system requiring a simple plug-and-play scenario for the installer with two optional power points (from the top or from the side channel).

The lamp holders are also designed so that once locked into place it becomes ‘self-locking’ to prevent the tubes from falling out.