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Ceiling Light Recessed 8W COB, Swivel Fitting, 100°

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Price: R 149.50
2 Years Warranty


Lumen: 650lm (WW) or 700lm (CW)

Colour: Warm White (2900K approx.)

Total wattage: 8W

Beam Angle: 100°

Base: n/a

70mm Hole size

Input Voltage: 230V

Work condition: - 20° to + 40°

Lifetime: 30000Hrs +

Colour rendering index: 80

Replaces: Halogen 60W

Warranty: 2 Year

This high quality LED COB Ceiling Light that replaces a 80-270v incandescent or CFL ceiling light and uses up to 9 times less electricity than it's retrofit alternative, comes with a 2 year warranty.

The Warm White option of this COB Ceiling light closely replicates the light of a 70w incandescent whereas the Cool White more closely replicates an 20w CFL ceiling light.

This luminaire uses 1 COB high efficiency LED chip integrated into a water resistant plastic housing containing an internal aluminium cooler and reflector and a transparent lens to give a very even light spread throughout it's 100° beam angle options. The frame is white only and rust proof.

This light is ideal for high and low ceiling applications like shopping centres, retail stores & living areas. Due to it's internal sealed driver it is also suitable for steamy environments like kitchens and bathrooms. The light can be swivelled 30 degrees off its vertical access in any direction using the integrated swivel joint. The life expectancy of this globe is 30000 hours and is CE & RoHS compliant.