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4.5W 12V-DC 90° Downlight

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1 Year Warranty




Lumen: 300lm (WW)

Colour: Warm White (3000K)

Total Wattage: 4.5W

Beam Angle: 90°

Base:  GU5.3

Input Voltage: 12V-DC

Lifespan: 30000Hrs

CRI: >80

Replaces 35W Halogen.

Dimms: 50 x 52 mm

Warranty: 2 years

This high quality LED Down Light that is a replacement for a 12v AC/DC halogen or CFL Down Light and uses up to 7 times less electricity than it's retrofit alternative, comes with a 2 year warranty.

The Warm White option of this Down light closely replicates the light of a 35w halogen whereas the Cool White more closely replicates a 11w CFL Down light.

This bulb uses 9 * SMD 2835 Sanan LED chips and a high clarity diffuser lens to give a very even light spread throughout it's 90° beam angle. This wide angle makes this globe ideal for broad purpose ceiling lighting and great for low level applications like counter tops and domestic work surfaces.

This globe requires a 12v torroidal, magnetic or LED compatible electronic transformers when converting from a higher voltage supply. It is also suitable for operating on a 12v -24v DC supply from a battery or solar system. It is ideal for areas where the globe is in reach of children and animals.

A 230v version of this globe is available. This globe is only partially dimmable and hence not recommended for dimming. The life expectancy of this globe is 30000 hours and is NRCS & RoHS compliant.