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Trojan T105RE-225Ah-6V Battery

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R 3450.00


1 Year Warranty



Model:  T-105 RE with Bayonet Cap

(for Renewable Energy / Hybrid Systems / Backup Power Applications)

Number of cycles: 1500+ at 50% Depth of Discharge (under correct temperature conditions etc)

2500+ at 30% Depth of Discharge

A/h rate C20: 225Ah

A/h rating at C5: 185 Ah

Voltage: 6V

Type:  Flooded/wet lead-acid battery

Material of case:  Polypropylene

Weight: 30KG

Height: 296mm (incl. terminal)

Width: 181mm

Length: 262mm

L-Terminal height : 44mm

M8 Terminal


Absorption charge: 2.35 – 2.45 V per cell

Float charge: 2.20 V per cell

Equalization charge: 2.58 V per cell


Deep-cycle batteries used in off-grid and unstable grid applications are heavily cycled at partial state of charge (PSOC). Operating at PSOC on a regular basis can quickly diminish the overall life of a battery, which results in frequent and costly battery replacements.

To address the impact of PSOC on deep-cycle batteries in renewable energy (RE), inverter backup and telecom applications, Trojan Battery has now included Smart Carbon™ as a standard feature in its Industrial and Premium flooded battery lines.


To the Voltage Reading -- Subtract 0.005 volt per cell (VPC) for every 1°C above 25°C or add 0.005 volt per cell for every 1°C below 25°C.


Chemical reactions internal to the battery are driven by voltage and temperature. The higher the battery temperature, the faster chemical reactions will occur. While higher temperatures can provide improved discharge performance the increased rate of chemical reactions will result in a corresponding loss of battery life. As a rule of thumb, for every 10°C increase in temperature the reaction rate doubles. Thus, a month of operation at 35°C is equivalent in battery life to two months at 25°C. Heat is an enemy of all lead acid batteries, FLA, AGM and gel alike and even small increases in temperature will have a major influence on battery life.

Do not install or charge batteries in a sealed or non-ventilated compartment. Constant under or overcharging will damage the battery and shorten its life as with any battery.