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7.2 Ah 12V Lead Crystal Battery

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Price: R 391.00
1 Year Warranty



Rated Voltage: 12V

Rated Capacity (C10): 7.2 Ah

Working Temp. range: -40°C to +65°C

Life Usage: 7-10 years

Discharge cycle at 80%: 3000+

Discharge ability at high current: Good!

Dimensions (mm): 151 (L), 65 (W), 94 (H), 100 high with terminals

Weight: 2.3 kg

The lead crystal battery technology consists of lead plates, and an acidic solution of SiO2 as electrolyte. During the initial charge and discharge cycles the electrolyte solidifies and forms a nontoxic white crystalline substance. This eventually results in a safe, fluid-less high performance, environmentally friendly battery.

The lead crystal battery’s performance is superior to conventional lead acid batteries. Functional advantages:


  • Battery life – Lead crystal batteries have a float life of 18-20 years at 20ºC. Battery cycle life of 3 100 (charge discharge) cycles depending on the Depth of Discharge (DOD).
  • Shelf life – Lead crystal batteries can be stored for 2 years with no additional charge. This impacts significantly on rotational charge and logistics.
  • High-rate discharge – Lead crystal battery have a discharge rate of up to 10V, without significantly impacting on the battery life.
  • Excellent charge performance – The lead crystal battery has a charge time, 3-5 times faster than conventional batteries, when charged by conventional means or a generator.
  • Depth of discharge – The lead crystal battery can be discharged to 0 Volt (100% DOD) and then restored to full rated capacity.
  • Temperature resistance – Lead crystal batteries operating temperature ranges from -40ºC to +65ºC. Due to the lowinternal resistance, the internal temperature remains low when charged and discharged. Tested and cycled at +41ºC ambient temperature resulted in only 23% loss of battery life, which is rated between 7 to 10 years. The battery delivers more than 85% of its rated capacity at -40ºC.
  • A greener option – Lead crystal batteries emit no mist or a harmful, gaseous emission, the basic electrolyte is neutral, noncorrosive. Lead crystal batteries will not cause pollution – in line with ever increasing environmental protection requirements (ISO 14001 certification).
  • Safe to transport – Lead crystal batteries are classified as non-hazardous devices and are safe to transport by land, sea or air.